Signposts was once the blog of Josh C., a software developer and hockey fan in Charlottesville, VA who grew up in Midlothian, VA and attended Virginia Tech.

I’m still around, but the site, not so much. During blogging’s 2003-2005 peak, I was a single geek living in a sequence of questionable apartments with lots of time on my hands and a strong desire to maintain my own site. The only part of that that’s still true is the geek bit. Life moved on, and so did my interest in trumpeting longform public thoughts; maintaining the archive as first blogging software required regular security updates, then third-party hosting services failed or shut down, became more trouble than it was worth.

I suppose it’s not impossible that I’ll choose to write again sometime and do it here, but in general the best places to find me now are:

  • Twitter @joshcvt. My account there may be private. If so, I’ll probably approve a follow request if I recognize you and/or some connection with you.
  • Flickr behindthenet. That’s generally public, and possibly more interesting than you’d expect out of a collection of photos; I get quasi-lifestream use out of it.

The other way to reach me is by email.

Thanks for visiting.

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