Signposts was once the blog of Josh C., a software developer and hockey fan in Charlottesville, VA who grew up in Midlothian, VA and attended Virginia Tech.

I’m still around, but the site, not so much. During blogging’s peak, I had lots of time to write and maintain my own web space. Life moved on, as did I. Maintaining the archive as self-hosted blogging software required regular security updates, then third-party hosting services failed or shut down, became more trouble than it was worth.

I might choose to write again sometime, and it’s possible I’d do so here. But the best places to find me for now are:

  • Twitter @joshcvt is for off-the-cuff sports talk. I’ll probably approve a follow request if I recognize you.
  • Flickr behindthenet is where you’ll find the cat pictures, the odd book I’ve been reading, some public wisecracking and a fair number of old travel albums.

The substantive way to reach me is by email.

Thanks for visiting.